Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And the Winner Is....

Ainsley from Texas!! Giddyup! LOL...

I wrote the winner down in the comments, but I forgot to make a post about it, so here it is! Thank you all for your most FABULOUS names (where were ya'll when I was naming my kids???), but I dunno...Ainsley just stuck with me.

So YAY for Ainsley of Texas...look out for a gorgeous Bows-n-Berries headband coming your way! Watch for other giveaways and special posts to come!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Competition???

Okay, peeps! I want to introduce you to someone newest member (& "face") of Bows-n-Berries (okay, well at least when I don't have time to do a full shoot!).

Here she is...

Isn't she lovely? Haha...okay, well she's not too shabby for a mannequin. lol... My husband and kids are totally creeped out by her, BUT I need her when I make a hairpiece in between big collections and don't have time to call out the troops just for one little hairpiece. It's important for people to see a hair piece on a "real" (or close to it) human head so they can see the size and how it looks. Soo....she is my newest B&B "model!" (I don't get out much, and yup, I'm having WAYYYY too much fun with this!) 

Anyway, where does the competition come in??? Well...the person who comments on this post and gives me the BEST name for my new friend here, wins a Bows-n-Berries headband! Woot woot! And guys, you CAN give it to your wife/girlfriend/mother, you know. So feel free to participate! I'm looking forward to your name suggestions, so please comment away!

I will be giving away this headband:

Gold Applique on white or black band!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring 2011 Collection Part II: A Photog, a Make-Up Artist & Some Models

I wanted to post a few more photos, but also tell you a bit more about Fresh Ivey Photography & Kimberly Bragalone Make-Up Artist.

I've known Emily Ivey, of Fresh Ivey Photography, for over 15 years but I hadn't seen her in at least 10 years due to busy lives and such. However, when I joined a local photography group, I happened to meet her at a shoot and I somehow recognized her after all those years! We reconnected, reminisced about old times, and thought of ways to work together (and it was a good excuse to get together for lunch or coffee!). She was one of the photographers in my first Bows-n-Berries shoot, that was featured in IE Style Magazine. Since then, we've talked about working together, but with our busy schedules it hadn't happened yet. Until I started my Spring 2011 Bridal Collection, at which point I asked her if she would do me the honor of shooting my line. She said yes and we got to work!

I was having trouble finding a Make-Up Artist, when Emily was able to get Kimberly Bragalone. I had worked with her before, but didn't dream of asking her, thinking that she would be too busy! But alas, we caught her on a good day, and she was able/willing to work with us! YAY for us! She was on top of her game...she showed up (on time), fully prepared (of course she knew what time of day/what type of lighting & clothing we would be using and what look I was going for), and was completely amazing. I thought she would do some hair & make-up and head out to enjoy the rest of that bright, sunny day! But nope...she hung out, gave suggestions, helped clip in hair accessories and touched up the girls every few minutes. She was awesome!

I'm sure you would be so happy to have either one of these wonderful gals help you for your wedding day or any other special day! Please click on the links above to see their websites, and let them know I highly recommended them. I want them to know how much I value their work, and I'm sure you'll value it too!

Last, but certainly not least, my models from this shoot, Natalie Brewster and Kaylie Wilson, were such sweethearts. I love gorgeous girls who are not obsessed with themselves, and that describes them. They were beautiful from the inside out. Isn't that refreshing? Both were so sweet and easy to work with! I don't want them to ever model for anyone but me! lol... Okay, I guess that's not true, and I'm sure they will go far in the industry. I hope to work with them again and hope for nothing but the best!

Spring 2011 Bridal Collection

I've been working (for quite awhile now) on my Spring 2011 Bridal Collection. I've actually been plugging away for several months, but things kept coming up that hindered me from shooting all the lovelies that I made. Hey, it's a busy life with 5 children, homeschooling and a business...not to mention taking care of my wonderful hubby & being a crazy lover of Jesus (so I'm involved with church activities frequently).

Thanks to the amazing Emily Ivey of Fresh Ivey Photography, Kimberly Bragalone, talented Make-Up Artist, and gorgeous young models, Kaylie Wilson and Natalie Brewster who all came together to make this happen!

Natalie Brewster

Kaylie Wilson

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clifton Photography Part II

My darned blog was giving me trouble with putting the rest of the pics in the right place, so I'm putting the rest here! lol...It's either blogspot or my technically-challenged self. I choose to blame blogspot! ;)

Here you go...

Maya & Capri

Maya-Moo looking too cute!

Twins Maya & Matthew! This is wedding video status right here!

Cutie-Patootie Capri!

Awww...I love this!

Emma Mae looking so sweet!

"I'm simply mahhhvelous dahhhling!"


Tasty treats. ;)

My lil man!

She's such a lil ray of sunshine!

Would you like a spot of tea???

Is there a girl you know who doesn't love a lacy parasol?

Cute as a bug...a LOVE bug! ;)

Do you want my heart? Too bad my Papa won't let me give it away... :)

Best Sissies

This bridal piece was too pretty...we HAD to see it on someone! ;)

Emma is wearing a bridal piece too...but it looks soooo pretty on her!

Secret Garden with Clifton Photography --Part I

Rita Clifton is an amazing photographer, and more importantly, a great friend. She is so creative and we simply work well together. We bounce ideas back and forth like a ping pong ball, and then get to "work." Only thing didn't seem like work! It was such a fun day! You would be lucky to have her photograph your wedding day or any special event, and she'll make you feel like you've known her forever! Here is some of her work, featuring Bows-n-Berries Spring Flower Girl Line 2011. Thank you, Rita!!!

I also should note that the FAB (and I do mean FAB!) Kacee Geoffroy is a very talented Make-Up Artist, and although we didn't use any make-up for this shoot, she was kind enough to do the hair styling...even for my three-year old, who "wanted to curl her hair." Oh I in trouble or what?

My sis-in-law Olivia Yanes helped me style the event. I had a vision of what I wanted, but I "stole" every girly item I could from her home! How is it that I have 4 girls (and my boy), and she has 4 boys, yet she has more girly, cutesy stuff than me? No fair! So I mooched off of her and started decorating. Then she came and made my decorating look like a dream tea party! I don't know how she does it!

Love the details...
Cucumber & PBJ tea sandwiches

Chocolate-Covered Pink Marshmallows

More Treats--choc-covered pretzels, cream puffs, pie-crust "cookies"

I. Love. This. Shot. (Look at the reflection in the mirror!)